Get a merchant account and start collecting your customer payments online! It's really easy to start accepting credit cards through your website. Depending on the revenue volumes that you will collect and your geographical location, you may partner with different providers of merchant account services. We have outlined the best 4 recommended solutions based on our investigation and experience. If you are just starting up and your turnover is still small, you better consider a quick solution such as and Yet if your needs are growing, try to get the lowest fees and work with providers with a larger scope and more flexible fees. The general rule of thumb is the smaller you are, the higher your processing fees will be and the higher the entry barriers for various providers. The more you grow, the easier it gets to find a merchant provider that will give you flexible terms and better fees.

Payment Methods Accepted:
Visa & Master Card
American Express
Diners & JCB
Payment Processing:
Credit Card Processed on merchant's site
Accepted Currencies20+24Multiple123
Integration with shopping carts:
WP e-commerce
Other Features:
Setup within 24h
Phone Support
Minimum contract length
Discount Rate2.9%-5.5%1.9%-3.4%2.33%Custom
Transaction Cost:$0.30 - $0.45$0.30$0.24Custom
Setup FeeCustom
Monthly Fee$9.96Custom
Gateway Fee$19.95/moCustom


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